The No Pressure Process

This overview of our process is designed to give you an understanding as to what it would be like to work together. This process is offered as a complimentary introduction to what we do, as we want to make sure that it is the right fit for you, and for our firm.

Step 1: Initial 30-minute Consultation<br/>(virtual or In-person)<br/>

Step 1: Initial 30-minute Consultation
(virtual or In-person)

We have a healthy respect for time. We won’t take up any more of yours than is required. This initial consult will allow each of us to see if your needs match up with the specialized work in retirement planning that we do. At the very least, we should be able to point you in the right direction, and help you have a better feel for where you stand in your progress towards your retirement objectives?

Step 2: Follow up Consult

Step 2: Follow up Consult

The choice of an in person, or virtual meeting is yours. We are happy to accommodate either. During this meeting, we provide answers to the questions you had from our first meeting, as well as review the documents that you sent via secure email beforehand. Our aim is to answer some important questions and provide you with actionable insights to address your specific situation. Among those questions are:

  • Can you afford to retire? 
  • Are there strategies you can use to manage your tax liability?
  • Is the investment strategy you are currently using the right one for you moving forward?
  • Are there potential risks to your plan that you are not accounting for currently?
  • What do you need to do to address the answers to the questions above and pursue the financial goals you have set?
  • We aim to show you (in real dollar terms) how we strive to help you improve your financial plan
Step 3: Think It over

Step 3: Think It over

Take some time to think about all of this. We are eager to help you pursue your retirement goals now, but won’t rush you to make this very important decision.

Here are some questions you might want to consider:

  • Can you see the value in the tax sensitive financial and investment planning we provide?
  • Does the advice make sense to you?
  • Do you like, value, and respect Brian and the team?
Step 4: Begin the engagement

Step 4: Begin the engagement

We will start the paperwork process to bring you on as a client. I will also ask you to provide any additional documentation that we do not already have to complete your financial plan. Our focus is to manage your retirement income, help you keep more of what you have by paying less in taxes, and streamline the efficiency of your investment strategy.