Financial & Retirement Planning

  • Vision and goal setting
  • Cash flow
  • Insurance and risk management planning
  • Social security optimization
  • RMD strategy
  • Science-based retirement income plan

Investment Planning

  • Portfolios built on science
  • Control and reduce expenses
  • Help clients avoid mistakes
  • Tax loss harvesting
  • Opportunistic Roth conversion
  • Align strategy with planned needs and goals

Tax Strategy

  • Constant focus on reducing your lifetime total tax bill
  • Roth conversion planning
  • Tax Credit opportunity for healthcare pre 65
  • Annual tax projections
  • Focus on state-specific tax law for retirees
  • Avoid additional tax surcharges 
  • Coordinate with your tax preparer

Estate Planning

  • Beneficiary reviews
  • Tax-wise gifting strategy
  • Estate tax minimization
  • Work with your attorney
  • Review documents
Navigate Retirement With Confidence

Navigate Retirement With Confidence

Brian is a specialist in tax-sensitive retirement and income distribution planning for individuals and families age 50+. He helps clients develop a comprehensive plan for all of their financial goals and concerns and assist in implementing the actions needed to pursue those goals. 

It begins with a plan

As your team, our job is to empower you to make educated decisions about your finances. Brian P. Skinner, CFP®, CRPC® does this by answering the questions you have about retirement planning, in a way that you can understand.

This website should help inform you as to who we are, and how our complimentary, no obligation process works. We will show you how we strive to help, so that you can take the time to think it over and make the best possible decision.